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Africa Research Interest Group

This guide provides information about the Africa Projects Group at Mississippi State University and also provides links to selected information sources relevant to the research interests of the group.

About the Africa Projects Group

The Africa Projects Group is a consortium of Mississippi State University faculty, students, and staff who share a common interest in research, teaching, and outreach pertinent to sub-Saharan Africa. As a developing organization the group is interested in cultivating our unique capacities in such a way as to engage in inter-disciplinary research that:

  1. Focuses on capacity enhancements of existing resources and systems in Africa

  2. Enhances agricultural, social, political, environmental, and economic system resiliency to sustain and recover from adverse shocks

  3. Communicate effectively with impacted people and communities

  4. Engage in important research that marshals the myriad talents of the Mississippi State University community to address important questions relevant to both academics and policymakers

  5. Use these shared talents to enhance the teaching mission of Mississippi State University

The sharing of new knowledge among academics, impacted peoples and communities, and the men and women who endeavor to implement solutions to enduring problems has long been a fixture of Mississippi State University’s mission. Consistent with our common roots as members of a land grant research university, our ultimate objective is to examine relevant research questions with an eye to both their intellectual implications as well as their broader real-world applications.

As part of the Africa Project Group’s mission we will build teams of faculty, students and staff that convert knowledge into feasible and effective projects and engage in grantsmanship that addresses the ever-growing demand for viable interdisciplinary answers to enduring questions and problems. As an institution of higher learning, we also want our interests in Africa to translate into enriching experiences for our graduate and undergraduate students.  Membership in this group is open to all who are intellectually curious. 



Map courtesy of the USGS Africa Ecosystems Mapping project.