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ORCID Identifiers

What an ORCID identifier is, and isn't.

An ORCID iD (or ORCiD) is a unique, persistent 16-character identifier that's assigned to you when you register at It's free to register for an ORCiD and it's portable--your iD is not affiliated with any institution. Use your iD to claim your digital scholarship when submitting a manuscript to a publisher, a grant proposal to a funder, a dataset or publication to your institutional repository, or whenever there's an opportunity to link your works and scholarly activities to your ORCID record.

Streamline workflows by autofilling forms using your ORCiD. Search ORCID using keywords that describe your research to find other scholars throughout the world who have registered with ORCID and are working in your or a related discipline.

Beyond these tasks, at Mississippi State you can populate your Digital Measures/Activity Insight account (DM) by importing publication data into DM from your ORCiD record. It's a simple and efficient process (see the Using ORCID to Populate Digital Measures tab on the left side of this screen).

Why not simply bypass ORCID and enter works directly into Digital Measures? Well, you not only own the information in your ORCiD record, you also control access to all the content in that record, meaning you can make the content as public or private as you choose. The only part of your record that's always publicly available is the iD itself. On the other hand, the information you enter in DM is neither portable nor transferrable in the event you leave the university. The purpose of DM is completely different from that of ORCID.

ORCID is neither a profile system nor a research information system; it is a non-profit organization that offers and supports ORCID iDs. The identifier serves as a mechanism by which you may collect your digital scholarship and connect (through an API) with other systems to maximize efficient workflows. DM, on the other hand, serves as an aggregator of data describing research activities, creative works, and scholarship produced at our institution for the purposes of internal reporting, external reporting to Mississippi's Institutes of Higher Learning (the governing body for MS's 4-yr public institutions), identifying programmatic strengths and those areas needing more attention, etc.

Find out what other researchers think about ORCID identifiers in the video below.

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