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Research Guides

EN 3414 Critical Writing and Research for Literary Studies

This guide serves as the "syllabus" for the library component of the English 3414 course.

Fall 2019 Schedule

Week 1: Aug. 28

Introduction to class

Searching the Online Catalog

Find, pic/scan, cite - W.W. Norton & Co. publishes many books for reference.  Find a book in reference published by Norton on a topic you are interested in.

  • Title email: “Lastname_Norton”

Week 2: Sept. 4

MLA Formatting in Microsoft Word

Find, pic/scan, cite - Find Dante’s Inferno translated by Robert Hollander in MSU’s circulating collection.  Email and provide correct citation. 

  • Title email: “Lastname_Translation”

Week 3: Sept.11

Information Cycle, Identifying Scholarly Resources, and Evaluating Internet Resources

  • Guest: Beth Downey, Instruction Librarian

Find, pic/scan, cite - Use the information you have been given to find the print article.  Once you have found the article, take a picture or scan the first page of the article with the information you have.

  • Title email “Lastname_EN3414 Print Article”

Week 4: Sept. 18

Plagiarism and MLA 8th Ed. Citations

Works Cited Assignment due 25 Sept. 2019

  • Directions for assignment on Research Guide for class, under the “assignments” tab
  • Find help with citations from:
    • OWL Purdue: MLA Formatting Guide
    • Image Use & Citation - MLA 8th Ed. Research Guide
    • MLA Manual 8th Ed. Manual
    • MLA 8th Ed. Research Guide
    • MLA Style Center
  • Title email “Lastname_EN3414 Works Cited”

Week 5: Sept. 25 - Banned Book Week!

Searching Strategies and Literary Databases

Find, pic/scan, cite - It’s Banned Book Week!  This week serves as a purpose to teach the community about censorship and the importance of having the ability to access and read information without the interference of the government or other entities.  What is your favorite Banned Book?  Why was this book banned?  Provide a citation for the book and where you learned why the book was banned.  (You may use an online or print source)

  • Title email: “Lastname_BBW”

Week 6: Oct. 2 - It is important to attend this day and Oct 9.  These two sessions will prepare you for your Digital Humanities Project. 

  • Guests from Special Collections and Grant Presidential Library: 

Jennifer McGillan, Coordinator of Manuscripts

Jessica Smith, University Archivist

David Nolen, Associate Editor/ Reference Librarian

Find, pic/scan, cite - Serendipitous browse for your favorite author.  Use the index and chapter titles to find something you did not know before.  Provide the citation for the chapter in the book and what you learned.  

  • Title email “Lastname_Browse.”

Week 7: Oct. 9

Visit Special Collections – Introduction to Digital Humanities Project

  • We will meet in Special Collections, instead of ELI/Giles, 3rd floor across from the Grisham Room

Find, pic/scan, cite – use one of the items you have examined in Special Collections.  Remember no flash photos!

  • Title email: “Lastname_Primary object”

Week 8: Oct 16

Review of skills covered so far. This will be your time to ask me questions.

Research & Recovery Assignment - Use research skills you have learned in the library sessions

  • For more instructions, visit the ‘Assignments’ tab on the class research guide
  • Due, Wednesday, Oct. 23 @ 2pm
    • Title email: "Lastname_Research and Recovery”

Week 12: Oct. 23

Giving Effective Presentations

  • Guests: Digital Media Center
    • Thomas La Foe, Instructional Media Specialist
    • Stephanie Agnew, Instructional Media Specialist 

Find, pic/scan, cite - Find The Poems of Emily Dickinson edited by Thomas H. Johnson, 1955, in the circulation collection.  Provide the correct citation and email to the instructor. 

  • Title email “Lastname_Edited Volume.”

Week 13: Oct. 30

DMC Day: We will meet in the DMC on the 3rd floor of the library.  We will learn about Virtual Reality, Maker Space, and the TV Studio.

Find, screen shot, cite - The Harvard Geoffrey Chaucer Website, dedicated to Chaucer’s life and The Canterbury Tales, is a great primary resource through the WWW.  Find the section on Courtly Love and Chivalry in the Later Middle Ages by Larry D Benson.  Provide a correct citation.

  • Title email “Lastname_Chaucer.”

Week 14: Nov. 6

In-Class work on DH project

Find, pic/ scan, cite - The Paris Review publishes interviews with authors.  Often this publication is where you will look for living, writing authors.  Find the interview with T.S. Eliot in 1959. (You may use an online or print source)

  • Title Email: “Lastname_Eliot”

Week 15: Nov. 13

Group Presentations on DH Project

Week 16: Nov. 20

Group Presentations on DH Project

Week 17: Nov 27

NO CLASS – Thanksgiving Break


Week 18: Dec. 4

Class wrap-up, student evaluations