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Research Guides

EN 3414 Critical Writing and Research for Literary Studies

This guide serves as the "syllabus" for the library component of the English 3414 course.

Class Rules

  • Attendance is mandatory, and each absence could result in a lowering of your grade. It is your responsibility to check in with the instructor and make sure you are marked present each week.  If you know that you will miss a particular session, it is your responsibility to arrange for a make-up assignment before that session.  Your attendance will be reported to your professor.

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the ELI and Giles classrooms.
  • Turn off or mute your cell phone during class.

Class Expectations

With the exception of the Research Process Assignment, you are not required to do outside work for this class.  However, our time in class is for discussion, collaboration, and participation! Please be ready to:

  • Attend class:  arrive on time and stay until you are dismissed.  Your attendance is reported to your professor.

  • Engage:  pay attention to the speakers that we have and be a good listener. 

  • Participate:  ask and answer questions in class.

  • Respect others:  don't be a distraction to the speakers or your classmates.